The 2013 benchmarking report was designed by Stephenson Design from data supplied by the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT) on the state of economic outlook and competitiveness in Europe and beyond. This particular report was presented to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and is used by member CEO’s in meetings with the press and politicians. More recently the document was presented to 50 DG ENTERPRISE officials.

Excerpts of the report have been published in the Financial Times and various national media throughout Europe. The full report is available on the ERT website and is also hosted on the European Commission’s website.

The report is comprised of various infographics on Europe’s economic, financial and employment outlook as well as competitiveness within and beyond Europe. Other topics include industry, energy, innovation, entrepreneurship, education and trade.

ERT is a forum bringing together around 50 Chief Executives and Chairmen of major multinational companies with a combined turnover exceeding € 1,300 billion, sustaining around 6.8 million jobs in the region. They invest more than €51 billion annually in R&D, largely in Europe; which is equivalent to 18% of total EU R&D expenditure. Source

CLIENT VIEW:  “Just thought you would be interested to hear that the benchmark made it to the FT, as well as national media in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany etc. I have also been asked by other trade organisations and even Commission staff whether they can use it.” Roeland Van Der Stappen –  ERT Working Group Co-ordinator

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